Ways To Improve Vision Naturally


All humans have eye and humans want to enjoy the world and nature by their own eyes without wearing any sunglasses because many people have glasses phobia especially some ladies who are beauty conscious. There are some natural ways that can improve our eyes naturally without going to any ophthalmologist. These methods are proceeded from easy to complex one.

Do eye exercise daily:

Eye exercise is very effective method not only to improve the vision, but also to strengthen eye muscles.

  • First rub your eyes with palm
  • Rotate both eyes in all direction
  • Blinking of eye
  • Do temple Massage with your thumb on both sides
  • Focusing the eye on single point
  • Movement of eye upward downward in all direction
  • Loosening and tightening of eye one by one
  • By doing these steps blood circulation will increase and muscle will strengthen

Use R&R techniques

A healthy body has healthy mind. For good health sleep should be sufficient.  Getting proper sound sleep is very important for eye vision.  Maximum 8 hours a day of sound sleep is considered an ideal method to Repair, recover, relief and full rest of eye this known as R&R technique. Wash out your eye.

Clean and wash your eye with warm water daily to clear the dust and debris from the eye. Daily thousands of bacteria and viruses are present around in our environment. So one should clean or wash his/her eye three times a day.

Dietary needs

One classic remedy to increase eyesight, especially in children’s. It includes carrots, milk, 5 almonds daily, green vegetables, beans, tomato, walnut peanuts, fish, meat and salad.

Eye drop

  • Apply collyrium
  • It is used to clean the eye
  • Because it has soothing effect.

Remedy for conjunctivitis

Irritation and burning sensation in eye is called conjunctivitis. Soak neam leaves in lukewarm water and wash your eyes daily. It is recommended for conjunctivitis.

These all are easy and accessible remedies to do. By doing exercise, by taking proper meal we can bright our eyesight .Because weak eyesight is very common issues now a days. Thousands people come in hospitals for cataract surgery, for lens implantation, for corneal transplantation and unfortunately some patients die even after successful surgery due  to post-surgical complications. Everyone should take care of his/her natural blessing gift (eye) because many blind peoples are starving for it.

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