Eye Safety

Eye is a great blessings of Allah Almighty. A person can see this beautiful world and its beauty by this precious gift of Allah, and those who are blind, life becomes dark for them. So everybody should care his eye to have normal vision. There are many therapies i.e. drops, antibiotics, lenses, glasses, eye shields, surgical procedures and eye transplantation but these all are very complicated and have many drawbacks. So why should not adopt natural methods not only to safe eye and vision but also strengthen the eye muscles.

By choosing any natural techniques, everyone can save his life from any danger or any injury. Some of these are

Eyes hygiene:

Wash eyes with lukewarm water or tap water daily twice a day. It removes dust from eye’s surface and make it clean.

Eye exercise:

First rub the eyes with palm. Then rotate the eye in all direction. Also focus the eye on a single object. Do temple massage with thumb. Loose and tight the eyes one by one. By doing this vision will improve and muscle become strong.

Proper use of cosmetics for eye:

Girls use mascara, liner, and eye shades and contacts etc. but with wrong way. Try to use these things only on surfaces. Do not approach the eye’s surface.  Chemicals in these cosmetics may cause irritation, itching and sometime conjunctivitis. And when remove eye makeup, first remove with tissue paper then wash it with lukewarm water. In later phase eye should closed.

Dietary intake:

Carrots, green vegetables, meat, milk, fish, beans, fruits, egg have essential components for eye.

Change life style:

Early to bed early to rise makes man perfect and healthy. Late night use of mobile phones and laptops especially when room lights are off badly effect the eyes. It not only lowers eye vision but also effects brain.

Do morning walk because like body eyes also need oxygen (fresh)?

Void ultra violet light:

Sunlight seriously and badly effects the eye because it has may has many harmful UV rays and cosmic rays. So protect eyes from these radiation by using umbrella or goggles.

These all are natural ways to safe eyes. Everyone can easily adopt them because these are easy to do. Safe eye to see the colors in life. Without eye, life becomes colorless, dull and joyless.

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