DRY EYES is the most common problem in community or population due to environmental factors mainly. Some camps or public health team provide information to general public about dry eyes.  The important point is to know, what the role of tear film is in normal functioning of eye. Tear film is made up of mainly water, oil, lipid, mucin and also antibodies which protect the eyes from being infected. Tear film also helps in blinking.  Eye can open and close easily when needed due to this lubrication. But if this tear film is absent or not properly functioning it causes the DRY EYE which is also common in some populations.

There are many factors which causes the eye to become dry eye i.e.

  • Congenitally mutation in gene that encodes the production of tear film
  • Decreased production of tear
  • Increased evaporation of tear from eye surface,
  • Environmental factors e.g. heat, humidity, air conditioning,
  • Aging specially in menopausal women, 6-women taking birth control pills,
  • Some medication like antihistamines
  • Any trauma to eye (external / internal)
  • Infection caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi
  • Some systemic diseases.

These patients suffering from dry eyes undergone following symptoms

Foreign body sensation in eye, abnormal vision, Blurred vision, Redness of eyes, itching and Excessive watering from eye is the also symptom but in later stages More prone to bacterial and viral infections. Eye movements are restricted Patients become mentally depressed because they can’t show their expressions like not able to weep. If not treated for long time Dust particles begin to accumulate on surface.

This is seriously very critical situation when eye becomes dry and can’t freely move. Its production is as much necessary as water for a fish to keep it alive. If it is not treated, it can be atrophied. Dust particles begin to adhere and sclera of eye will contaminate. Immediately proceed to doctor. Use artificial tear drops or any lubricating material which keep it moisturizer. Clean or wash that eye with clean water. Wear sunglasses or any kind of eyewear when go outside, to avoid the damage from harmful ultraviolet rays

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