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Contact lenses are the perfect solution of vision problem for them who don’t like appearance of glasses and they are afraid of surgical procedure. These small discs fit on front surface of your eye and give clear vision.

These are used for two purposes.

Some people use it for vision purpose and some for cosmetic reasons. Thus later kind of people use colored contacts.

And some people are not able to use them due to hypersensitivity of eye.

First step is to visit your ophthalmologist .they will measure the diameter of your eyes and suggest a fine lens to fit properly on your eye. If you are wearing contacts first time then your ophthalmologist can help you get used to putting on your contacts in and taking them out. By this practice, even hypersensitive people can become able to wear the contacts.


Hard contact lenses

These hard contacts made up of hard plastic and some are made of gas permeable. They correct the vision effectively and improved many eye problems. These are long lasting almost five to ten years, but drawbacks are also here

  • First difficult to wear.
  • Second Non gas permeable lenses prevent the oxygen to reach the cornea

Daily soft lenses:

These lenses are made up of soft flexible plastic materials. They allow oxygen to pass to cornea and provide great comfort to eye than hard lenses. They are also easy to adjust.

Here are some questions that a contact users may have in mind and he should have in mind before using.

These questions are;

May I use lenses without doctor’s prescription?

The answer is you should not wear the contacts without the doctor’s suggestion because every eye has some peculiar characteristics. Some people’s eye are more hypersensitive and some are not.

In some people it may cause irritation and itching.

Can I wear contact lenses for long time?

You can wear contact lenses for 8-10 hours but it is advisable to change your glasses to allow eye’s oxygen intake to get back to normal.

Can I wash my contact lenses using simple water?

You can clean your lenses with tap water but for lenses the eye solution is best prescribed by your doctor.

 Can I store my contacts in any bottle?

You can save your lenses in that container which is provided by your doctor.  Clean this bottle with tap water or normal saline and let it dry with cover.

Can I share my contacts with my friends?

Contact lenses are for your personal use not for sharing.

Thus, wearing contacts in a proper way and without neglecting any precautionary measures to take, one can freely enjoy life at a better pace plus with increased vision field.

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